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Kor Name Generator & Guide

Do not worry too much, my son. The road ahead may be long and unpredictable but this only means we all get to show what we’re made of, and those who persevere through all the obstacles will surely be rewarded. Besides, I’ve seen you looking at Yenmi, and you’ll be happy to know she’s going as well.

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Kor are humanoids with white, blue, or grey skin who lead a nomadic life, are always on the move, and value personal abilities, skills, and strength of a character far more than any material asset they might possess or that they found along the way.

While they are constantly on the move, they do cherish the meaning behind locations, and traveling the pilgrimage routes that can take decades puts them into all sorts of dangers, and it is no wonder why so many perish during these journeys.

The life they lead is far more dangerous than one might expect but the very nature of their kind makes sure the skills they possess are put to good use, and the situations some go through make their names known, names like Lumo, Zobhu, and Yiphi.

Good Kor Names

Seeing how Kor value individual skills and abilities far more than possessions, it is no wonder some of their names provide insight into who and what they might be.

  • Hobbel
  • Zumdu
  • Selfish
  • Pridegaze
  • Malba
  • Dadha
  • Mondel
  • Zumlo


Known for her magnificent long white hair, everyone regarded it as a sign of wisdom, something that surely allowed her to reach the years she had today. Many younger members turn to her for advice, and she is happy to pass on any knowledge she might have.

  • Yalnuy
  • Lobe
  • Rigid
  • Dependent
  • Singlelance


Just like her mother before her, she knows how to use magic, and she’s known for her skill to manipulate any flame in her vicinity, including creating one out of nothing. This skill particularly comes in handy during the travels and everyone tries to stay on her good side because of it.

  • Hanme
  • Valye
  • Filla
  • Hilfe


Her fighting style is throwing punches while using facts to verbally belittle the opponent, as relentlessly as the physical attacks she makes, and her extraordinary resilience and tenacity have earned her a place in the hearts of any traveler that gets to know her.

  • Vayli
  • Defiant
  • Himha
  • Ancient
  • Hardspire

Female Kor Names

A nomadic life they lead is far from easy, and the mere thought of having to be a mother on such perilous journeys makes one wonder if luck is the only thing that allows most of the Kor people to live long enough to reach adulthood.

  • Frosthusk
  • Fiphe
  • Lanye
  • Femyi
  • Lesni
  • Nethle
  • Litha
  • Violent


Having been an orphan herself, she dedicated her life to helping children who lost their parents, one way or another. During the past thirty years, she cared for more than seventeen of them, and while two did die during one of many travels, the rest grew up to become capable adults who went to find their own way in the world.

  • Nenme
  • Yelle
  • Felye
  • Nemne
  • Layla


She’s an experienced pilgrim who uses her many skills to work as a caravan hand and guard, a way to earn food, water, and other rewards. This life has suited her so far and she sees no reason to stop visiting new places and meeting new people.

  • Grayhelm
  • Barrencall
  • Forsaken
  • Hemma


After traveling alone for so long, a couple of years ago she finally found her soulmate with whom she decided to have a family. Having paused traveling for almost two years all three of them are now ready to start again, and although they are fearful cause of the baby they remain determined in their cause.

  • Fena
  • Tenha
  • Lehmi
  • Shadow
  • Hollow

Male Kor Names

Seldom does a Kor reach old age, if nothing else due to the many dangers lurking on the roads they travel. The ones that do, however, are well respected by their kin and are seen as individuals whose resilience and resourcefulness have allowed them to reach these wise years.

  • Nulgay
  • Humdor
  • Lomo
  • Henle
  • Nulgul
  • Hangor
  • Wretched
  • Alderbough


Ever since he behaved like a child during one of the crises that befell the caravan, the others refuse to call him by his name and instead refer to him as Juvenile. This is a joint decision, one that is temporary but will prove to be a smart and effective move.

  • Darkmore
  • Zobhu
  • Hodo
  • Bobbe
  • Lanlu


He’s traveled too many roads to count, has seen too many holy sites to remember, and he will gladly do so again if you have the coin. While others of his kind worry about personalities and all that nonsense, he’s been expanding his business of safely leading his customers to the location they desire.

  • Yalba
  • Nocturnal
  • Vicious
  • Embersoar


While no one has a clue on how he does it, whenever the skies are clear and the moon is in sight, he seems to be able to know where the north is, is there any immediate danger, and what landscape might be near.

  • Yobbe
  • Bunnon
  • Delduy
  • Yonkon
  • Tebbu

These humanoid creatures are natural nomads, whose life’s philosophy guides them anywhere they go. Preferring their own strength and ability over material gains, everyone is expected to be able to fight all struggles they encounter. While some other species might find them egoistical or even too proud, the Kor have a deep understanding of locations, especially sacred, where they cherish the history of the place. Think about how and where the character was born, who were their parents, what troubles did they encounter even at an early age, how those situations molded them into a person they are today, and create a name worthy of an exciting nomadic life they lead where every turn of a road could change their life forever.

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