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Harpy Name Generator & Guide

I wouldn’t be so cheery if I were you, lads. We’re in their territory now, and not just of any harpy, but the queen herself. The Stalker, the Silent Terror, and Razortooth. Do any of these names ring a bell? So keep your mouths closed and your bows ready, for this land belongs to Ferynea the Merciless.

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A Harpy usually stands about 5 feet tall and weighs around 90 pounds, and their light frame allows their large wings to carry them with ease. At first glance, it seems they have a human face but a closer look reveals predatory eyes and feral features.

While they can live in almost any habitat other than really cold locations, they prefer marshlands, hills, and mountains, places where they can lure their prey into bogs and corners, and swoop down on them, ambushing them from up above.

Many stories surround the Harpies, from feasting on human and elven flesh to terrifying their victims before attacking, and the actions they take have made some of their names known, names such as Yoreano, Deriara, Yenelle, and Zepheanor.

Good Harpy Names

Most harpies don’t leave their families at any point in their lives but the ones that do seldom return back. These would-be-adventurers are also usually more capable of tempering their feral side, as well as being able to communicate in a more civilized manner.

  • Illonia
  • Yenalle
  • Vaeloah
  • Caellyore
  • Dhonea
  • Belalis
  • Neriane
  • Orinial


This young harpy is one of the best flyers in his family’s whole history, and he is not afraid to show it. Prone to leaving on a whim, however, he frequently visits the nearby peaks and uses them as a platform from which he can plunge below, something that the rest of his family is scared to do.

  • Nelasha
  • Deraria
  • Dysynne
  • Zeanera
  • Aerylis
  • Therinore
  • Maerielle
  • Hellalle
  • Celora
  • Syliane


Having lost her mate a couple of years ago, it has fallen on her to raise the children on her own. The sadness she still feels, along with the responsibility of taking care of her own, has left her with a foul temper, and she loves to take it out on unsuspecting travelers, no matter who they might be.

  • Hynyris
  • Mesora
  • Taerylis
  • Orinaphe
  • Taeriana
  • Nororis
  • Airorena
  • Volara
  • Dhylyth
  • Caloah


A hunter’s hunter, a father’s son, and a true warrior. He’s been one of the community’s greatest assets and has never failed a hunt, though his hatred towards the local gnomes in the area has put the lives of others into danger more than once, and they are starting to look for excuses that would exempt them from any future dealings with him.

  • Yeniane
  • Vaelynne
  • Menethe
  • Faeniana
  • Sylaria
  • Savarge
  • Phelynea
  • Volarge
  • Ialarge
  • Belelle
  • Mesyana


As he grew up he realized there was nothing more to explore unless he goes further away from his home, something that was forbidden due to the halfling community living on the other side of the swamp. His curiosity got the better of him, however, and he has been secretly roaming the area for several weeks now, hoping to find something new and exciting.

  • Yenenne
  • Nephaene
  • Xynoelle
  • Norielle
  • Zephylia
  • Zerorena
  • Nellaria
  • Nyrialle
  • Nysyris
  • Dorasha


Extremely curious from an early age, this has now put her in a life or death situation. Fleeing a human hunting party, and wounded in two places, she’s trying to lose them by making it to the swamp but she’s losing strength fast and doubts are starting to fill her mind.

  • Velalle
  • Hemiene
  • Meneano
  • Laeriris
  • Hystalle
  • Avyrea
  • Crelis
  • Periene
  • Xynaria
  • Tyryne
  • Veliara

Standing 5 feet tall and weighing less than 100 pounds, they are a mix of a feral human and a feathery bird, with predatory eyes and large wings. They love elven and human flesh, and they also love to toy with their victims, sometimes even for weeks, before finally attacking. While most stay with their families forever, those that decide to venture forth have found an efficient way of taming their feral side, as well to communicate as other races do.

Think about where the character was born, how did they grow up, how is their past experience with some of the other races, did something make them leave their community and what was it, what are their current goals, and think of a name worthy of the predatory nature that leaves no Harpy, not even the most civilized ones.

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